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Valérie Sédallian lawyer practicing in Paris

Valérie Sédallian was admitted to the Paris Bar in 1992 and specialises in information technology and intellectual property law.

In January 1996, Valérie founded Internet Juridique, the first French legal website on the subject of IT law and in 1997 founded her firm dedicated to information technology and communication law.

She subsequently developed her activity as a partner in a Parisian business law firm before joining Campbell, Philippart, Laigo & Associés in 2009 with a view to developing the firm’s IP and IT expertise.
Valérie has now her own law practice.

In addition to her professional practice, she has written extensively on various IP subjects, including two pioneering text books : “Droit de l’internet”(Internet law) (Net Press, 1997) and “Le contrat d’achat informatique, aspects juridiques et pratiques” (Computer purchasing contracts, legal and practical issues) (with Jérôme Dupré, Vuibert, 2005).

She has taught in these fields at the Universities of Paris X, Poitiers and Versailles Saint Quentin.

She also participated as an expert with the European Commission in the Ecomleb project, regarding the implementation of a legal and regulatory framework for the development of e-commerce in the Lebanon.

Valérie Sédallian graduated from the Law Faculty of Sceaux, Paris XI (Master of Private Law 1989) and the University of Paris I (DEA in Business Law 1990). She is also trained as a Mediator (Institute Armédis 2009).

Some references

Computer – IT

Legal advice and litigation for the law department in France of a company which is a world leader in the software industry: disputes with suppliers; assistance in negotiating an amicable solution concerning the performance of a contract relating to a complex computer system; litigation and negotiations on the regularisation of software licenses.

Evaluation of the Centera archiving solution (sold by EMC², world leader in the electronic storage industry) regarding legal archiving requirements. Compliance evaluation for the platform EMC VNX FLR-C regarding the NF Z 42-013 (version March 2009) standard archiving requirements.

Negotiating and drafting of software development contracts, IT services, software licenses, maintenance, outsourcing, hosting, internet access, distribution, management of domain names, privacy etc..

Disputes relating to contractual liability of web hosting providers for professionals.

Criminal law relating to computers : software infringement, assistance to companies whose IT system had been fraudulently accessed.


Disputes relating to the liability of internet providers (ISP and hosting, web 2.0 players).

Litigation relating to image rights, privacy, defamation, anonymous emails authors’ identification procedures.

E-commerce website audits, drafting of terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property

Advice and litigation in France for the defence of an international fitness brand. Interventions in trademark law and competition law.

Litigation relating to trademarks, domain names and infringement.

Legal advice on free software for a project relating to the sharing of software components.

Study of the management of copyright in a digital environment.

Contract drafting : licenses, assignment, operating rights.

Personnal Data

Study of the sharing and the management of personal user data (fixed, mobile, internet) for a telecommunication operator.

For industrial groups: legal advice on “The Act on Data-processing, Data Files, and Individual Liberties”, international transfer of computer files, personal data audits.

Legal assistance on the personal data aspects of a interministerial project.

Business Law

Legal advice and litigation in business law for a European provider offering online services to the transportation and logistic industry.

Civil actions for unfair business practices, misleading advertising, comparative advertising.Legal advice and studies related to electronic commerce and transactions: electronic exchange security, electronic signatures, information systems security.

Audit of contracts relating to secure electronic exchanges for national health insurance.

Legal assistance for the purchasing department of a banking group.

Principal Publications

Computer purchasing contracts, legal and practical aspects (with Jérôme Dupre), published by Vuibert, 2005.

Internet law, published by Net Press, 1997, ISBN 2-95109010-2.

Legislating on IT security: squaring the circle? Cahiers Lamy Droit de l’Informatique et des Réseaux, December 2003 and January 2004.

The security of electronic exchanges, study for Eurostaf editions, March 2003.

The European Directive on “Privacy and electronic communications”, Légipresse January-February 2003, p.12.

Liability of the employer as an internet service provider, Légicom, No. 27, 2002/2, p.47.

Warranties and liabilities for free software,, September 2002 and Cahiers Lamy Droit de l’Informatique et des Réseaux , November 2002.

The archiving of the electronic legal document, Cahiers Lamy Droit de l’Informatique et des Réseaux, July 2002.

Obligations of IT service providers, and Cahiers Lamy Droit de l’Informatique et des Réseaux, October 2001.

The liability of web search engines, Cahiers Lamy Droit de l’Informatique et des Réseaux, May 2000.

Internet and the evolution of professional practice, the experience of a lawyer : contribution to the collective work, Law and Artificial Intelligence, under the direction of Daniele BOURCIER, Patricia Basset, Christophe Roquilly, Romillat Editions, 2000.

Employees’ rights relating to the processing and the transmission of their personal data on an intranet, JCP E, 1999 No. 49 p.1952.

The liability of technical service providers on Internet in the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the draft European Directive on Electronic Commerce, Cahiers Lamy Droit de l’Informatique et des Réseaux , January 1999.

The problems raised by the French legislation on encryption, Revue Droit de l’Informatique et des Télécoms, 1998/4 p.23,

The liability of internet access providers, Bulletin de la Compagnie Nationale des Experts Judiciaires en Informatiques et Techniques Associées, May 1997.


Valérie Sédallian regularly attends conferences on information technology law.

Examples include :

Speech at the conference organised by the Secretariat of State for Foresight and Development of the Digital Economy on the theme of privacy, Sciences Po, November 12, 2009.

The liability of technical service providers. French law, University of Montreal, Seminar on “The laws of the digital society: persons liable and liabilities”, Montreal, October 7, 2004.

The free software licenses, CEJEM-Adim, Centre Panthéon, March 13, 2003.

“Law and the Web” Seminar organised by UNITAR, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, for lawyers and local ICT people, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 13-17 January 2003.

Internet and copyright, Autour du libre, 2002, INT Evry, 29-31 May 2002.

Online offers of services for information professionals, important clauses, ADBS meetings relating to information systems, network documentation and company performance, Reims, 30-31 March 2001.

Evidence and electronic signature, 4th Franco-German seminar co-organized by the Association des avocats conseils d’entreprises and the Deutscher Verein Anwalt on “Law and new technologies”, Nice, 14-15 April 2000.

The legal problems of the system of the trusted third party, International Conference on Security of Information Systems and Communications, Paris La Defense, 4-5 June 1998.

26th Conference of the International Bar Association, Berlin, October 23, 1996, Media Law Committee “Censoring the Internet: a lawyer’s deceit”: intervention: Controlling illegal content over the Internet: the French situation.

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